Gastronomy of Russia
Oct 19, 2012

Something important to know if you want to marry or even meet girls from Russia, is about their gastronomy, not only to know what they eat, is also to know what you can eat if you visit Russia.

The soups are very important in the Russian kitchen; the most well-known plate is the Borshch. The Russian kitchen derivates first of all, of lots of multicultural cousin plates and secondly of the immense geographic of the country.

The gastronomic fundamentals are based in food farmer of the rural populations, with an extremely cold weather. You can find in their gastronomy fish exists (generally smoked fish), poultries, mushrooms, fruits of the forest and honey. Copious flakes of rye, barley, wheat and millet that are used in breads, also cereals, pancakes, beer, kvass and vodka. 

The diverse forms of soups with special flavors and aromas are copious, all of them with meats and fishes. They like to add spices to their native plates based in techniques of grilling used by the Tartars and the Mongols in the century XIII and this actually remains in most of the houses.

 Most of the plates are based in the old road of soothes since the proximity with the Caucasus and Persia. Also the proximity with the Ottoman Empire provided the personality to their cook. The plates of a typical Russian kitchen are very rich, but they also have enough calories, because in winter more energy is needed (for that reason, the soups are very popular in Russia).

They are not similar to the plates of Scandinavia, but their plates are similar to other Slavic countries. If you visit a Russian city, you will find many restaurants to prove the real Russian cousin, which are accessible to any pocket. You can find from the “economic bistro”, restaurant of Russian fast food and restaurants of “blinis” (crepes) to the expensive and exclusive restaurants. You must know that very few Russian women buy precooked food. This concept is well strange for them.

You must not surprised if your Russian Bride tell you that homemade Russian food is much more healthy and better, the first time you buy food with her outside her house or from a delivery. She will tell you this, because she thinks that only fresh food is healthier. Russian people prefer to buy vegetables and fruits in the markets because they are fresher. So again, don´t worry if you are interested in Russian Dating with this agency or with another about this comment.

 The classic Russian woman will try to cook the food in her home to feel that is well homemade, because is her obligation feeding her husband. Any Russian woman would change an expensive restaurant to prepare food in her house.

Profile Examples:

Elena from Odessa city in Ukraine.
Born in 1992, she is from Sagittarius.
She does not practice religion
Her measures and weight: 5' 9" (175 cm) and 125 lbs (57 kg)
English Skill: Beginner
A bit about her:  Elena is a very active girl that likes to dance very friendly and open mind.  She likes healthy life, making sports always without bad habits like smoking or drinking.
She looks for a single man between 25 and 50 years old.


Svetlana from Nikolaev, city in Ukraine.
Born in 1987, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Her Religion is Russian Orthodox.
She works as Psychologist
Her measures and weight: 5' 5" (166 cm) and 105 lbs (48 kg)
English Skill: Initial
A bit about her: She is a girl that likes to meet people. She has special interests like modeling, dancing, making aerobics and travelling (she wants to visit Bali, Egypt and Paris).
 She watches for a single man between 30 and 55 years old.



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