Saint Petersburg info to visit your Girls
Dec 03, 2013

You want to visit Saint Petersburg because your found the girl of your dreams? Read some information before starting your travel.

There are a lot of beautiful sights for you to visit when you are in the city of St. Petersburg. It is one of the most accessible cities in Russia and this is mostly because of its proximity to many parts of Europe and the ease with which you can commute to and from the city. There are many great palaces, beautiful bridges, historical monuments, etc. throughout the city and also a great historical and cultural background. The city is sometimes referred to as 'Northern Venice' and that is mostly because of its many bridges & channels. Some of the most well known monuments in the city include Admiralty, Smolny Cathedral, Kazan's Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter & Paul's Fortress, Hermitage, etc.

Given below are some of things which you just have to see when in St. Petersburg:-

1. Bridges: The city has a large number of small rivers and canals and you can find bridges almost every 100 meters you travel. A lot of these bridges are great examples of world class engineering and architecture. There are more than 60 sixty bridges spread across the city.

2. Peter & Paul Fortress: This fort was constructed by Peter the Great in order to protect the area from attacks by the Swedish navy & army. This fortress was constructed in Neva delta on the Ostrov Island and it was founded on the birthday of the city. There is also the Peter & Paul Cathedral which stands right in the middle of the fortress and this is the resting ground of many Russian Emperors  & Empresses.

3. Hermitage: This museum was used by Russian Czars as their winter palace from as early as the 1760's and is located on the River Nera. It houses more than 250 paintings and a wide range of art and other artifacts. There are paintings from many great artists including Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, etc.

4. Admiralty: This was originally a dockyard for early Russian ships. The building is now a naval college and was constructed by Adrian Zakharov in between 1806 & 1823.

Now that you know what to see when you're there, let's take a look at the various travel options available to you. Just a few years ago, there have many ferries and high speed trains which have connected the city with most parts of Europe and this has made travel a lot easier. There is a ferry connection which was opened in 2010 between St. Petersburg and Helsinki. This ferry is making around 2-3 trips between both the cities every week. And this boat is operated throughout the year.

You can ride the Allegro trains to St. Petersburg as well. These trains reach up to speeds of 220 kilometers per hour & the train has first and second class seats along with a restaurant, playroom and reserved seating for handicapped passengers.

There are even multiple airlines which fly to St. Petersburg. You can get connections from Italy, Finland, the United States, France, Germany, etc. with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy yourself in St. Petersburg.


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